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Music Brand: The Xx

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It takes me a bit longer to get into new bands, unlike my “younger” years. It might be because I’m a whole lot more skeptical of “it” band or musicians. They get drenched with bucket full of hype later to get dried up as fast as they got wet.

Queue in the XX, a band who has received more than your average amount of hype and also, a band that I have steared away from because of it. Just like Arcade Fire, before them, I have slowly fallen in love with the lo-fi group. I compare them to a freak mix of the “pop”iness of Rilo Kiley and minimalistic style of The Kills.

The XX won me over when I attended a free show that they had in Atlanta’s own Criminal Records. Unfortunately, I got in late and was strapped to the back, but the music stretched to all four corners of the record store and at that moment I finally understood.

The common denominator of “it” bands is that they usually are able to strip all the busy-ness from the current popular bands and bring it back to the basics. The Strokes. Vampire Weekend. The Xx.

Here is the video for the xx’s “Crystali[z]ed”.


Written by thecosbykid

December 8, 2009 at 4:50 pm

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