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About two weeks ago, I had the most interesting conversation I’ve had in a long time. I talked to an older gentleman who began discussing his previous job as a business marketer. I won’t go into detail about the whole conversation, but during our little talk something he said struck a chord with me.

What he had told me was that I needed to brand myself. To become a brand. A brand like Pepsi, Sprint, Tide, etc. The funny thing about what he said was that in a sense I’ve always known that. I’ve always been obsessed with icons and symbols and especially people’s reaction towards them.

When it comes to my favorite musicians, they not only please my musical needs, but they also are icons in themselves. The way they dress. They way they talk. The way they talk. All these things and more have been an obsession with mine, but I’ve mostly kept it to myself.

Why should I brand myself? Our culture evolves everyday. It’s important to keep up with the Jones, but it’s even more important to keep up with yourself. The chameleons of the world are forgotten because all they do is copy “the coolest trend.” It is the trend setter that is remembered forever.

In no way do I want to be a celebrity. I just don’t want to be forgotten. I want to be able to touch every life that I get in contact with and for that person to always remember that moment. Sort of like how I’ll always remember that older gentleman. So beginning today. November 26 2009.

The brand begins.


Written by thecosbykid

November 26, 2009 at 8:31 pm

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