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This Week in Cosby Music

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At the end of every week, Friday, I will be posting  some music that have been on repeat on my itunes. Some will be new, some will be new to you, and some will just be good ol’ classics. This week we have Fool’s Gold “Surprise Hotel”, Wyclef Jean’s “Warriorz”, and a Michael Jackson tribute (brought to you by


Fool’s Gold Surprise Hotel. This song is very much influenced by West Africa music, which  I am a huge fan of. It reminds me of Vampire Weekend, but less “Americanized”. This is definitely something that would be in my father’s collection.

“I signed an autograph for a kid ‘Clef from the Fugees’/ Kid looked at me and said “what the Hell is a fugee/Ain’t you Will.I.Am from the Peas? ” Poor Wyclef, he can not find any love. Warriorz

The duo at thehoodinternet mashedup Michael Jackson and Ratatat. Billie \”Wildcat\” Jean


Written by thecosbykid

July 3, 2009 at 9:14 pm

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