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WWDC Winner: Apple Loser: AT&T

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Well, I just finished “watching” the WWDC live blog update from Gizmodo and it appears that Apple’s main goal this year is to upgrade. Nothing “spectacular” was brought to the table, but that doesn’t mean that i wasn’t ooed and ahhed by the overall presentation. Because if there is one thing Apple knows how to do, it’s making people feel that small updates are phenomenal. 

As far as Macbook goes, the regular macbook, as well as the other macbook pro prices has been downsized. Other upgrades include:

more greener

7 to 8 hour batter life

better graphics

The 17-inch MacBook Pro and select 15-inch models have an advanced graphics architecture that employs both the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated and NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT discrete graphics processors.

Now let’s talk about the main course, the iPhone.

The iPhone will get crazy update; too bad AT&T users (all iPhone owners) will not be able to use them until AT&T catches up. For instance, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Sharing) will be added to the iPhone. This way you can share videos and pictures to your friends, just like every other phone. Hurray! Oh…AT&T won’t support MMS until later this year; AT&T only uses SMS. Oh.

The iphone 3Gs (s tands for speed) will be 2X’s faster than its predecessor, have a built in video camera, take better quality videos, and have a built in compass.

A cool ap that the show was the “Find my iPhone.” If lost, you’ll be able to track your iPhone using this GPS system thing. Plus, you can erase all the memory and the data you have on the phone if someone swipes it. When you find it again, all you have to do is plug it back into your iTune and voila! You’ll have all your data back!

Let’s talk prices:

iPhone 3G 8GB- $99

iPhone 3Gs 16GB-$199

iPhone 3gs 32GB-$299

More info:


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June 9, 2009 at 1:37 am

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