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Breaking the Talent Code

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Self-dscorvery and self-growth has been a very important aspect of my life since day one. I remember going to as an adolescent to find ways on how to flirt and attract the opposite sex. Next I evolved into an avid subscriber to to learn how to act like a “man”.  In the media I’ve always found inspiration stories that involve a rags to riches story. Some may say that EVERYONE is into those type of stories, but it became an obsession with me.

I always knew that one can become whatever one hopes to become, but as an “adult” I’ve come to realize that you must work for it. All the people that I look up to (Muhammad Ali, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. , Bruce Lee) were not born being amazing. They practiced  and trained themselves to become the best at their chosen paths.

The Talent Code, a book by Daniel Coyle, will hopefully give me more insight on how to do that myself or atleast give me more motivation. I haven’t finished reading it yet–just finished Chapter 1– but I do feel inspired. This post is for me to quickly put down in writing my feelings about what I just read so that I don’t forget them.

Things to remember:

  1. Greatness comes from mistakes. In other words, some people may be naturally good at some certain skill, but that doesn’t mean from day one that they are the best in the world. They will have challenges that they need to overcome to become better. It is only  when they pull through the hardships that they can truly learn. Someone who has it easy is quick to quit when hardships come along. It is those who have to struggle who see each obstacle as a stepping stone.
  2. Street smarts over book smarts. Books are important; I don’t want to bash on those lovely pages and indexes, but real life experiences always win. The book gives an example of two groups who were told to study for the same test. One group were told to read the studied material 4 times, while the other group read it only once but were tested three times. The groups that was tested 3 times ended up scoring monumentally better than their book smart counter parts.

That is what I learned so far. More to be added later.


Written by thecosbykid

May 30, 2009 at 10:18 pm

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